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Here are some presents that I think would be incredible for the man/men in your life, whether that is a husband, boyfriend, father, father-in-law, brother, etc. You can click on each image to shop! See below for a description of each item.


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I recommend this cologne sampler every. single. year. It is seriously such a good gift. I think colognes and perfumes are VERY difficult to buy as a gift because everyone has different preferences, which is why this sample set is incredible! The set comes with a bunch of sample-sized colognes for him to try out. THEN, he picks his favorite and take the included coupon to the nearest Sephora and redeems it for a full size!!!!!!!!!!!!! GENIUS!


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Come on…. this is a no-brainer. If he likes to cook/grill, snag this grill set. I love that it comes with a case for easy storage!


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Okay, you’re probably thinking, “Kelly, you’ve officially lost your mind”. LOL, I promise this is a genius gift if he is into guns and frequents the shooting range. SPOILER ALERT: I’m not recommending this to pickup nuts haha. You can actually use this nut roller to pickup bullet casings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seriously makes life so much easier if he reloads the bullets!


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I feel like every guy needs a good pocket knife. I’ve linked two brands that are good quality: Gerber and Kershaw. This would make a great stocking stuffer too!


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Try to find a guy that doesn’t love getting socks for Christmas… I bet you can’t. I have heard AMAZING things about these socks. They definitely are higher-priced for socks, but they’re top-rated for a reason. If he loves fun dress socks, I definitely recommend checking these out!


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Men + whiskey = ♥ So what is better than a whiskey subscription box? This will give him the opportunity to try multiple types of whiskey, without committing to a full bottle! Flaviar also has other types of liquor. Once he knows his favorite, he can choose a full-size bottle each quarter!


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Does he drink coffee or tea? If yes, does he drink it slow? If yes again, then this is for him! Ember is a temperature controlled mug for your coffee! I have linked two options: mug and thermos. This is perfect for the coffee drinker in your life.


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Again.. does he cook? Then a spice set is a perfect, affordable gift for him!


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I think a decanter is such a nice gift if he enjoys whiskey. This is a practical gift that he can use for years!


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I got this for my dad over 5 years ago, and he still uses it. The iGrill syncs to your phone and notifies you when your meat is finished cooking by monitoring the internal temperature! There are a ton of different settings, depending on how you like your meat cooked/what you are cooking! This is especially good if he is forgetful and burns the meat 😉


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Okay, before you think “what a lame gift”, keep reading… This extension cord is the king of all extension cords because it’s mountable!!!!!!!!!!! Extension cords are seriously so annoying, bulky, and just a pain in the you-know-what. This is a retractable extension cords that he can mount in his garage or work space.


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You can’t go wrong with giving a Yeti as a gift! Especially if he is on-the-go. This will keep his drink cold all day! I’ve linked two size options: 30 oz, 36 oz.


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I think a candle is a great stocking stuffer option for a guy, especially because most guys I know would not go out and buy a candle. This candle from Bath & Body Works is perfect for him! It is very masculine!


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If I had a dollar for every time my dad lost his wallet and keys…… I wouldn’t need to work LOL. I think we all know a guy in our lives that misplaces things 24/7. These little key finders are incredible! You can even put them in a wallet, bag, probably even on a pet?! They’re water-resistant, and the battery will last a year. There are a few different options to order: 1-pack, 2-pack, or 4-pack!

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide! Which item is your favorite? Also, don’t forget to check out my Gift Guide for Her.

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