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Here are some presents that I think would be incredible for the woman/women in your life! You can click on each image to shop!


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I own this David Yurman bracelet, and it is such an amazing everyday piece! I definitely recommend any DY jewelry for a gift, but this bracelet is one of their less-expensive pieces. It’s a gorgeous, timeless jewelry piece that won’t break the bank!


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This initial necklace is another one of my most-worn jewelry pieces! I think any woman in your life would love to receive this as a gift!


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This backpack is for the boss-babe/traveler in your life! This is the perfect backpack for work, and it is my favorite travel accessory! It has a laptop compartment, and has room for lots of other things! Also, it has a sleeve to attach to your suitcase when traveling. It comes in a few colors as well!


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I received this automatic wine opener for Christmas last year, and it is definitely one of my most used Christmas gifts! This is perfect for the wine-lover in your life!


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I think every woman needs a pair of classic gold hoop earrings. These are the perfect size: not too big, not too small. They are such amazing quality and won’t break the bank!


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These sunnies are p e r f e c t i o n. They are amazing quality and so stylish! I have these in probably 7 different color haha… I am definitely obsessed, and I think any woman would love them too!


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A perfume subscription is the perfect gift to give someone! Perfume is such a tricky thing to give as a gift. A subscription service allows them to try out multiple scents! It’s also a gift that keeps on giving because the subscription will last a few months!


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This eye mask is something that she may not know she needs… but she definitely does! I recently started sleeping with an eye mask, and my life has changed for the better! This one is awesome because it is silk! It won’t leave marks on the face, and skincare products won’t be absorbed by the mask.


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Similar to the last products, this silk pillowcase will change her life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have seen such a change in my hair and skin since I switched to a silk pillowcase.


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Of course I had to include fuzzy socks 🙂 These specific socks have been a favorite for years. They are the softest socks I’ve found. The inside is infused with aloe, and they are an experience for sure!!! They’re super affordable too! They would make a perfect stocking stuffer.


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This curling iron set would make an AMAZING GIFT! It’s basically three curling irons in one! If she likes to curl her hair, she won’t be disappointed in this gift. I’ve had this products for over 3 years, so I can confirm the quality!


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Ahhhhhh… the famous barefoot dreams blanket. This is something I’ve always wanted, but have never purchased because it is NOT CHEAP lol. BUT there is a reason everyone loves them. If you’re willing to splurge, this would be perfect!


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This robe will have her feeling like she’s at the spa! It comes in so many colors, and is seriously so soft. I’ve owned this for years, and it’s still just as cozy.


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This ember mug made it on my men’s gift guide too! If she is a coffee lover, then I think she would love this! It is a temperature-controlled mug that will keep her coffee/tea warm while she drinks it!


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This facial steamer is on my Christmas wish list too! I’ve heard amazing things about facial steamers recently. They are really good at opening your pores! It will make her feel like she’s at a spa, without having to leave the house.


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I swear by my Foreo. It is used to clean your face. My skin has transformed since I started using this 4 years ago. What makes it so amazing is that it is so easy to clean (there are no brush replacements). Also, the charge lasts SO LONG! I think any woman would love to receive this!


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I recommend this perfume sampler every year! I would love to receive this! She gets a bunch of samples in this set to try out. Once she chooses her favorite, she takes the enclosed coupon to the nearest Sephora and redeems it for a full-size perfume!!!!! GENIUS!


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These eye glitters are perfect for the makeup lover in your life! They are so beautiful and transform any makeup look. I can’t recommend them enough. They would make an amazing stocking stuffer!


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This hair dryer is my favorite hair find of 2019. I have super thick hair, and this makes blow drying my hair so easy! The built-in brush does an amazing job at smoothing my hair too!


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The Petcube is my favorite Christmas gift from last year. I love this one because it has a laser that I can use to play with my cats 🙂 They also have one that dispenses treats (linked here). This is a perfect gift for the animal lover in your life.

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide! Which item is your favorite? Also, don’t forget to check out my Gift Guide for Him.

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