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It has been a while since I’ve spoken to you about my natural deodorant journey, so I wanted to do a natural deodorant Q&A to answer all of your questions and tell you a little about my experience. Disclaimer: everyone’s body is different, so my experience may be completely different from yours.

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My two favorite scents: Citrus Blossom and Palo Santo

Q: What is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant?
A: Deodorants protect against odor, antiperspirants protect against sweat AND odor. Aluminum is the ingredient in antiperspirants that prevents sweating.

Q: What are the health risks associated with aluminum?
A: There have been studies that link the use of antiperspirants with breast cancer. Obviously I am not a scientist/doctor, so I recommend doing your own research. However, if there is even a small risk, why not switch to a natural deodorant? Aluminum-based deodorants also constrict your pores underneath your underarm, which is how it prevents you from sweating.

Q: What is a detox period?
A: A detox period is typically recommended when switching to natural deodorants. The recommended period is 2-4 weeks, but I truly think it depends on the person and which deodorant you are using (I talk more about my experience with detoxing in the last question). Your body basically needs time to rid itself of the unnatural products you were previously putting into your body. I have read that some people recommend not wearing any deodorant for a month to allow for an easier transition (note: I DID NOT DO THIS haha! I refused to not wear deodorant). My recommendation: expect an increase of odor and sweating when you first make the transition and BE PATIENT!

Q: What was your experience with switching to a natural deodorant?
A: My experience was INTERESTING to say the least. I first tried the Native natural deodorant, and it did NOT work for me. Keep in mind, everyone’s experience is different, and I know plenty of people who love the Native formula. Previously I was using Dove deodorant, and I just abruptly made the switch. Y’all…. it was a rough time. I smelled terribly. I was sweating buckets (gross I know). The worst part: it stained my underarms black. It seriously looked like a 5 o’clock shadow lol. I thought this was just the process, so I used it for a little over a month before calling it quits. Then, I gave up on natural deodorants because I was not going to go through that nightmare again LOL. That was until Zion Health reached out to me. I decided to give natural deodorants one more shot. Again, I abruptly made the switch from Dove to Zion Health. I honestly expected the worst, but I was happily mistaken. I had zero issues with odor, sweating, or staining. It has now been almost two years, and I am not looking back. I can’t recommend the Zion Health formula enough.

Q: Does natural deodorant make you smell bad?
A: Short answer: IT DEPENDS! As I mentioned earlier, I would expect an increase of odor initially. Luckily, the Zion Health deodorant did not cause any odor when I switched, but everyone has different experiences.

Q: Does natural deodorant prevent sweating?
A: Again, I can’t answer for everyone, but here is my experience: I did not notice an increase in sweating with the Zion Health deodorant. I recommend giving your body at least 30 days to adjust. I have been solely using this natural deodorant for almost two years, and I barely sweat (even at the gym)!

Q: How much is natural deodorant?
A: This varies, but the one I use is extremely affordable! If you use my discount code (‘KELLYFOX’), your total will come out to $12.32.

I have two videos on my YouTube channel as well for you to check out:

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