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I have been wanting to organize and purge my closet for MONTHS, so when Michaela from @organizethechaoshtx reached out to me, I was so excited! I can’t wait for you to see the before and after pictures! I am also going to link some of my favorite organizational pieces and some tips and tricks to purging your closet.

When @organizethechaoshtx reached out to me, she requested videos of my space to start planning. I have two closets: one larger closet in my bedroom and one smaller closet in my bathroom. We decided to use the larger closet for all of my clothes and the smaller closet for all of my accessories.


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Above is what my clothes closet used to look like (scary…. I know). Everything on the floor (except for Avery, of course) is stuff that I pulled out last week to donate. Other than that, everything was very unorganized.

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Above is what my accessory closet used to look like. This closet was not organized either. Those bins contain more items to donate. I got this shoe rack from Amazon, and it is super nice to keep your shoes neat and off of the floor. Also, I’m obsessed with my sunglasses rack! If you have lots of sunnies like me, you will love it too!

See below for the magical before and after photos, courtesy of Michaela:

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The first thing we did with my clothes closet was take all of the donation items out. This immediately created lots of space. Next, Michaela jumped into organizing. She divided everything in my clothes closet into three categories: sweaters, tops, and dresses. One thing that made a huge difference was using the same hangers for each category. It looks so much more organized when the hangers match! She also color coordinated everything, which is so visually appealing.

With my accessories closet, she took out all of my sweatshirts and stored them in drawers. Also, she got everything off of the floor. Michaela also recommended centering everything, which makes the closet look SO GOOD! I also got rid of a lot of my shoes.

Michaela did such an amazing job rearranging my drawers! Luckily, I have a lot of drawer space, and I love how they look:

I did purchase some items to make organizing easier:

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The drawer organizers you see are A M A Z I N G for your underwear and sock drawers!!!! They are serious a game-changer and super affordable (seriously… a set of 2 is under $12)!

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Another item I highly recommend are these boot hangers! They’re amazing if you want to save space on your floor. Also, I love that they prevent my boots from slouching on the floor.

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This scarf hanger is INCREDIBLE. It was recommended to me by Michaela, and it seriously saved SO MUCH SPACE in my closet. I also purchased one for my kimonos!

IMG 4215

The last item I purchased for my closet reorganization is this belt hanger. I don’t know about you, but my belts did not have a dedicated spot in my closet. They pretty much lived on the floor LOL.. I love how this belt hanger stores all of them in one place! It also pulls out for easy access.

Next, I want to talk about tips to getting rid of things! I ended up donating three.. YES THREE giant black garbage bags of clothes/shoes. I asked myself, “Have I used this in the last year?”. If the answer was no, then it was going to a better home. I did decide to keep some items to sell as well! There’s really no reason to keep things I was n e v e r going to wear! Especially when someone else can use it! One of the best thing about working with Michaela is that she took everything to the donation center for me!

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I am sooooooooo happy with the results! I really am a much happier person when things are organized. What are some of your favorite organization tips? Do you have any favorite products to help with organization? Let me know in the comments!

Michaela definitely has an eye for organization, and I highly recommend reaching out to her if you’re in the Houston area and are looking for some help with organization:

  • Email:
  • Instagram: @organizethechaoshtx

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