New Year new Habits 2022

There is no better time than now to incorporate some better habits into our routine! Whatever your goals are, I think incorporating one of these into your routine will help make your 2022 incredible!

New Year New Habits


Yes…. every single day! I’m guilty of only wearing SPF when I leave the house. This year, I am going to make it a daily occurrence! Click here for my favorite SPF (it looks amazing under makeup!)

Deepen your relationship with Christ

The best thing I did for myself in 2021 was spending time every single day with God. I know this sounds like a huge commitment, but I promise it has transformed my life. Ladies, I think this devotional is a great place to start!


This is something I want to do more of in 2022. I personally love journaling because I can look back at how I was feeling over the years! This is the journal I use – it’s just a blank notebook! I also love these journal pens.


This is another thing I want to focus on this year! I’m actually pretty good about water intake, but I’d love to get to a gallon/day. My biggest recommendation: start small. Get a water bottle and commit to finishing it each day. This is my favorite water bottle!

ALWAYS remove your makeup before bed

I cannot say this enough: DO NOT FALL ASLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP!!! Your skin will thank you later. This is my favorite makeup remover – it doubles as a cleanser, is so gentle, and cuts down on waste!

Moisturize your skin!

2022 = the year of hydrated skin! I’m so good about moisturizing my face, but I definitely need to be better about moisturizing my body. I have recently started using a body oil, and WOWZA…. the hydration is incredible! This is my favorite face moisturizer, and this is my favorite body moisturizer.

Switch to a silk pillowcase

Your hair and skin will THANK YOU! I’ve owned this silk pillowcase for a few years, and it has made the biggest difference for me! My skin is less textured, my hair gets less oily, and I breakout significantly less! I cannot recommend enough.

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