How I balance a side hustle and a full time job

I get asked all the time how I balance a side hustle and a full time job. If you don’t know, I am a full time electrical engineer, but I also have a blog, YouTube channel, and an Instagram that keeps me pretty busy. I am basically working two full time jobs, which can be overwhelming. Over the last couple years, I have found a balance that allows me to be successful at both. In today’s post, I am going to share all of my tips and advice on how I balance a side hustle and a full time job!

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Content planning

Content planning is so essential for me. The first thing you need is a good planner. I personally use both Google Calendar (it’s digital and free!) and a physical calendar, but you can use whichever method works best for you. I love Google Calendar because it sends notifications to my phone.

At the end of each month, I sit down with my calendars and plan my content for the upcoming month. I be sure to look for any holidays/special occasions/collaborations that I may need specific content for. I also make sure to color code EVERYTHING: YouTube (red), blog (pink), Instagram (green), etc. This method really helps keep me organized. I use the same colors for both Google Calendar and my physical calendar.

how I balance a side hustle and a full time job
Google Calendar
how I balance a side hustle and a full time job
my favorite monthly planner

Every weekend, I review my content for the upcoming week. First, I make sure that all YouTube videos and blog posts have been edited, uploaded, and scheduled. Next, I verify all Instagram content, such as in-feed posts, is prepped and ready for uploading.

I highly recommend getting an Instagram feed planning app. I personally use the app called ‘Preview” (shown below). I am able to import all of my upcoming posts into this app to see what my feed will look like. Using my weekend to map out my feed for the upcoming week saves me so much time during the week! It takes the thought out of posting each morning. It also allows me to ensure my feed remains cohesive. Some things I look for: image presets (filters) look uniform, not posting the same pose side by side (ex. not posting two consecutive mirror pictures), etc.

how I balance a side hustle and a full time job
‘Planner’ app

Utilizing my spare time

This is key when balancing a full-time job and a side hustle. I use my weekends, lunchtime, mornings, and evenings to work. I use my mornings to engage on Instagram and make my daily post live. I use my lunches to review blog posts/YouTube videos for any last-minute changes. I also use lunches to post to my Instagram stories. I use the evenings to do more Instagram engagement and to post Reels/TikToks. Basically, any spare time I have, I’m probably working.

The downside to this: I rarely see any time off. I always try to listen to my body and take breaks when necessary. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in your work, especially when your job is easily accessible like social media is. A successful business requires sacrifices, but it also requires a healthy owner.

Batch content creation

I typically post 4-5 times/week on Instagram and once/week on YouTube and the blog, this requires lots of batch content creation. So what is batch content creation? It basically means creating a bunch of different content at once. For example, when I have a photoshoot, I try to get 6-10 different outfits photographed. Shooting 6-10 outfits provides me with approximately 2 weeks of content!

Another key to batch content creation is pre-filming. I pre-film all try-ons, YouTube videos, and any stories for the upcoming week on the weekends. Additionally, when I’m filming a YouTube video, I try to film 2 videos in one day (changing outfits in between, of course 😉).

Sometimes I have to sacrifice my social life

Having a side hustle often means saying no to having a social life because I have to stay home to work. Since I get the majority of my work done on the weekends, I need to make sure I’m utilizing the time effectively. I still allow myself to have fun, go on vacations, etc., but I know that I will have to make up that missed time somehow. For example, if I am going on vacation one weekend, I make sure to get two weeks worth of work done the weekend before! This ensures I am able to have a work-free vacation.

Take care of yourself and have fun

We talked about making sure you’re healthy… so what does that mean? Most side hustles (especially social media) are marathons, not sprints. It is so so SO easy to burn out on any job, but it’s even easier to get burnt out when you’re working round-the-clock. The biggest way I ensure self-care is by taking days off. When I’m starting to feel run down or burnt out, I take at least one full to myself with no work!

I also think it’s so essential to make sure you enjoy your side hustle! If you aren’t passionate about and enjoying what you’re working on, then I think it makes sacrificing your free time that much harder. Make sure you’re heart and mind are in the right place, and HAVE FUN!

how I balance a side hustle and a full time job

Overall, the keys to balancing a full time job and a side hustle are time management, organization, and self-care. It’s not easy, but it’s 100% worth the work to see your business flourish!

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